12 December, 2007


Anil and Faye made their 'yearly' visit to Manchester last weekend. Apart from lots of bitching, drinking and some home made biriyani Anil managed to take some amazing shots. Needless to say I love entertaining this couple they are so much fun to be with!

Riya has never done this before. Anil had his camera on her the whole time, and finally she gave him something to shoot!This one is my personal favourite.

A good one of the three of us.
And finally ...

Me & my baby!

05 December, 2007

I realise..

There always comes a time when you are too embarassed to visit your own blog. Thats the phase I am going thru now.
I have lots to write about but I am battling the devil in my head. Heres what going on in my head before I start typing:

"Should I now?
Why am I blogging out of the blue today?
Nevermind..its not like anybody visits here anyway.
Hey I am blogging for myself! No actually I am doing this to keep up my promise. (Hoo boy I am bold!)
Am I?
But the last post was from Riya..so shouldnt she be writing more?
WTF is wrong with me???? This blog is driving me nuts!!!!!
Hang on its just a silly blog why am I thinking so much about it??? Go on get typing.
Wait a minute...what am I talking about here? Damn I forgot! There really was something interesting I wanted to write about. DAMMIT!"

And another day passes by...

08 October, 2007

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I thought I should hijack my moms blog and save it. Bet she uses me as her excuse for not updating this space. Thats only half the truth. Yeah she feeds me... cleans my diapers but all other times shes one lazy git! Who said being on maternity leave is not one long holiday!

Anyway....forget about her, its all about me now. If you haven't already noticed, I have learnt to smile. I have also learnt that this particular expression attracts a lot of attention. I don't give out too much of it so you have to be lucky if you catch me smiling.

I will be 3 months old next week, how exciting! My granny has huge expectations from me and expects me to roll over after that. Thats too much pressure on me to perform. I will probably do it when no ones watching. As of now, I cant be arsed and will lie on my back!

More from me later....just had a huge poo ...I am hungry now!

All smiles

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22 April, 2007

Ooh I like this one!pregnancy due date

As requested here it is!

Have mercy on comments.

12 April, 2007

Who has been here?

I have been absolutely lazy for the past couple of weeks as you can tell from the state of my blog. Although I have not posted anything, I still like to have a snoop around to check who has been visiting.

It’s a delight to see some of my loyal friends actually visit my blog regularly, more so than I do.

I will be completing 27 weeks this Sunday. One more week and I will be on to the last trimester! A good friend of mine delivered a baby girl last week she just elaborated on her horror story. I can’t help being nervous. So I made a list. Here’s my list. These are just the bits I could think of but I am sure this isn’t it!

List of stuff I have to buy before the baby arrives

Vests – 7 nos
Sleep suits – 3 nos
Rompers – 5 nos
Bibs, booties and hat
Environmentally friendly – (not mom friendly) washable cloth nappies
Disposable nappies ( For days when you just can’t be bothered if the environment is F**ed up)
Arse wipes (Non perfumed ones…paedophile repellent)
Feeding bottles – about 10-20 numbers at different capacities
Changing mat ( Gucci would be nice, might settle for ASDA its the second best)
Baby blanket ( the comfiest one giving him/her lesser reason to scream)
Scratch mits (I heard babies are like cats - Except that babies scratch themselves)

The more expensive list that you wish others bought you but never happens

Push chair/Pramette/Travel system (Preferably Bugaboo if not McLaren would do)
Cot/Crib/Mosses basket
Car seat (a definite must as the hospital would not let you take your baby home otherwise. I still think its optional as you can always use it as an excuse for them to keep your baby if he/she yowls too much)
Baby monitor ( F*** privacy- this piece of kit is useful till he/she turns 22)
Steriliser ( To sterilise everything except the baby)

For a first timer I am proud of myself.

This list is not exhaustive and gives an indication to what your bank balance will be for the next 20years

02 March, 2007

Best feeling ever!

I know it sounds like all I ever do is moan, but in reality I am enjoying every bit of this.
Last week was wonderful! Apart from the fact that I was finally beginning to ‘show’, I also felt the first flutters in my tum. I had no clue what was happening and it got me really worried so phoned my MW immediately. She congratulated me saying there was nothing to worry about and my baby was simply making ‘its’ presence felt!

There are no words to describe that feeling. To say the least it was as though somebody was tickling under your belly – but from the inside!

For the first time I realised there was something inside me that was trying to say something. There is a pattern. Now I know when ‘it’ is asleep and when ‘it’ is awake.

Must say the baby seems nocturnal and preparing me for the months to come. I am kissing my sleep good bye now but at the end of the day it still feels worth it.

25 February, 2007

Accidentally Pregnant!

How can pregnancy be an accident??? Do you not think it is really funny when people say “Oh my second one was an accident!”

Well its not! It is practically impossible!
You are walking down the street stark naked, minding your own business. You walk under a ladder where a man happened to be painting a shop front again butt naked with a h*** o*, you ‘accidentally’ knock the ladder down and the man lands on top of you, penetrates your ***** and …..!

Now THAT is an accident! I admit very unfortunate one, yet an accident. I can think of other ‘accidental’ ways too… like ‘Son of a gun’. I am not going to elaborate that but I am sure it rings a bell for many.

So next time somebody says that tell them “o really that must have been really unfortunate! So what were you doing then?”

20 February, 2007

Dont you just love kids!!!

When I was six months pregnant with my third child, my three year old
came into the room when I was just getting ready to get into the shower.
She said,
"Mummy, you are getting fat!"
I replied, "Yes, honey, remember Mummy has a baby growing in her tummy."
"I know," she replied, but what's growing in your bum?"

I have an excuse damnit! And I am pushing it! Suck on this for now...

I know the state of my blog isn’t great at the moment. I admit it pretty much sucks, but hey, I never promised I would write everyday! I am pregnant for F***’s sake! I know you're all dying to read about Food & I, but only after I finish something that AA reminded me of the other day.

Or not...

In another developing horror story, SK has officially been kicked out of bed. Actually, he moved out himself because of recent encroachment of ‘his side’ and now he pretty much doesn't have a side.

Weeeell……tough s***, I am not just eating for two, I am sleeping for two as well!

12 February, 2007

This is what I had started last Thursday...my lazy ar** didn't let me finish on time.

what I've been upto...
I've been extremely busy at work and try to squeeze some reading when at home. I spent the weekend in front of the computer typing away my documentary submission ( a sort of book that I have to write summarizing my work experience while trying to keep it as positive as possible). The good thing is, I think I'm getting somewhere, so nothing's wasted yet.

pregnant school girls
Subsequently, I have now begun to feel like a pregnant school girl! Hope this doesn't turn on the husband...

No seriously, all this studying is not easy when you are pregnant. No wonder mum didn't want me pregnant during school time...Now I know how all those knocked up girls (read girl) at school must have felt.


After long, I had a good night out last Friday! It was SK’s office leaving do. No, SK isn’t leaving his office but one of his colleague and the office was giving him a good send-off. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and hit the pub after. For me, this was the first time when going out in the night didn't also mean consumption of alcohol. And you know what, now I know what fun Teetotalers (that is an actual word K will confirm) have!

The first half of our evening was spent saying "Good, Great and Never Felt Better" all with exclamation marks. Once we got to the pub, things changed drastically. Everyone was getting really pissed (not pissed off – pissed is the snob's term for drunk) and that’s when the real fun started. Drinks flowed. Everyone was buying everyone else drinks, while I was stuck to my cranberry drink minus the vodka. A few drinks later, it's funny how otherwise alert b*****s become oblivious to what's happening around them. They start repeating themselves over and over again. You have people standing in groups and talking about things, then moving on to other groups and repeating the same stuff! This confirms that it's a lot easier to listen to the talk after you've had a few yourself! Can't wait.

Anyways, I stood there watching it all, realizing this is exactly how I must have looked back then! Fun times!Okay got to get back to work now. I will save the more interesting posts about my massive appetite and what my work mates think about it for later!

Later then....

07 February, 2007

Wednesday Whinge
I had my antenatal (the no fun time between conception and birth) appointment this morning.
My midwife asked me if I was feeling alright and whether there was something I wanted to talk about.
Scene I
Last night, the husband lectured me on how I should be diverting my ‘daily whinge’ (whinge is the snob's word for whine) towards the midwife instead of him.
Reason? I asked.
It seems, if anything, she would be able to come up with a solution (Martian Men and their Mr. Fix-it attitude!!!!).

Scene II
Me: Massive headaches come and go.
Vast amounts of painkillers even aren't helping (K is going to kill me for trying all these drugs). I had been following your advice on drinking gallons of water, but then all I do is wee (pee pee) all day, the headaches stay.

Midwife: Make notes whenever your head aches. Exactly when, and what you are doing at the time you get these headaches.
Me thinking - you mean practically all day at work? I mean come on, I need to start a headache diary now? Me, who refused to divide numbers in order to get a sense of the temperature when I was in Milwaukee?

Anyway, the good thing was I heard the baby's heartbeat. It was beating freakishly fast and loud. I asked the midwife if she was sure the heartbeats were the baby's (and not mine). She said it would be pretty hard to hear my heartbeat considering where the Doppler was placed ( above my v*****). But of course!

More tomorrow, need to get back to work.

06 February, 2007


  • I was going to do some good writing today. Unfortunately, as always, I am hungry. Again!
  • I am also a little disappointed with K. As always she's managed to burst my bubble by telling me that I can't possibly "party hard" before the baby is at least a year old!
  • Me going to eat now...

05 February, 2007

Fertilized Sightseeing
Late last year, SK got me pregnant. It had to be SK, I'm not a 100% sure though. We currenly reside in the UK. When we found out about the pregnancy, we had already bought our tickets to see the US of A. We could've cancelled or postponed our trip, but the tickets were dirt cheap and so were we. We decided to go anyway. What follows is a gruesome account of events that may horrify you. When reading this blog, strict adult supervision is advised. Nah I'm just kidding. Please don't make me tell you when I'm kidding and when I'm not. Remember the frequency with which I visit the bathroom is at least ten-times yours. Be kind.
Pregnant at Sixteen
Being a sex symbol at 14 can't get you anywhere else but here. Mom warned me, but I didn't listen.
So here goes..an account of how many things have to go right before a child can be excavated out of an adult.

I have to warn you:
  • Don't expect consistency of this place
  • Expect rude behavior
  • Don't expect anything nice
The reason this blog is called that, is because the sexiest woman alive, let's call her K and I conceived this idea in my sixteenth week! Today begins Week 18 of the ordeal....